Eazy Plug system

The Eazy Plug system is designed to optimally make use of space and to allow an industrial way of working. All components are strongly bonded together, making them suitable for any kind of automated systems. Starting with seeds or cuttings in the space-saving Plugs, plant growth can be continued in Blocks and Pyramids up to full cycle. Due to material properties and well engineered shapes, transplanting is easy and quick without any risk on transplant shocks.
By creating a material and system that is self regulating, results no longer depend on personal knowledge or involvement. Not only less error-prone, but also providing much more stable values like air-to-water ratio, pH and EC levels. Resulting in continuously a very stable culture with little to no failure.


Eazy Plug materials are declared a 100% compostable in normal composting conditions. No industrial composting circumstances necessary. The bonding of its components does not have a discernible effect on the composting proces. Combined with its non-toxicity, Eazy Plug materials can simply be put into soil or any other natural environment without leaving a footprint.


For critical waste processes, the Eazy Plug system consists of several components that allow for an easy separation after cultivation. Only Plug and Block will contain the original cutting and formed callus from which root structure and plant have emerged. The bulky Pyramid will only contain a dense structure of small hair roots, without any regenerative capacity. When all regenerative residues need a specific waste route, the Plug and Block can easily and quickly be separated from the Pyramid, thus minimizing the volume that needs to be denatured. The Pyramid can be recycled or composted in a regular way.


Looking at composting the Eazy Plug material, the material itself actually does not need composting. What needs to be composted is the hair root mass inside the Pyramid. Due to the airy character of the Eazy Plug material and the thin hair roots, composting is very quick and easy.

Eazy Plug material can be:

  • used as soil improvereasily composted,
  • packed and sold as composted soil

Cradle to cradle

The Eazy Plug system is designed to follow the cradle to cradle principle. Cradle to cradle (C2C) is a different way of thinking about designing sustainable solutions in the form of products and processes developed by William McDonough and Michael Braungart. The core of this philosophy is that the materials that have been used in one product can be reused in a high quality manner in a next product, in a technical or in a biological cycle.

Looking for the best way of waste treatment for your specific application, please ask your crop advisor


The Eazy Plug System is a natural and sustainable, breakthrough growth solution for propagating and growing all of your plants.

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