The word mycorrhiza is derived from the Greek mukès meaning fungus, and rhiza indicating root. Mycorrhizae is a beneficial symbiose of fungi and plants through the roots.

Main reasons for using mycorrhizae are protection against pathogens and increased absorption. By colonizing a medium, the mycorrhizae withholds pathogens from infecting the medium.

Mycorrhizae can increase the absorption capability of a root in:

  1. a physical way: most mycorrhizal mycelia are much smaller in diameter than the smallest hair root, and is therefor able to explore soil material that roots cannot reach. This way it provides a larger surface area for absorption.
  2. a chemical way: cell membranes of fungi differ in chemistry of that of plants and are able to release or secrete beneficial ions.

Mycorrhizae are especially beneficial for the plant partner in nutrient-poor soils.

There are many different varieties of mycorrhizae, but almost all of them are vulnerable and weak. Even the EC of plant nutrition can already kill them. For most cultivations a weekly dosage is therefor needed to make use of their beneficial effects.

With all its natural components, Eazy Plug is very well suitable for the use of mycorrhizae. Between all different varieties and brands that are being used, natural compost tea’s are still popular.


The Eazy Plug System is a natural and sustainable, breakthrough growth solution for propagating and growing all of your plants.

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