1. How do I water the Eazy Plug/Eazy Block?


Just make sure the Eazy Plug/Eazy Block can drain out excess water and water them the way you like. You can not go wrong as the Eazy Plug/Eazy Block will hold the water they need and drain out the rest. A lot of effort is made in making the Eazy Plug/Eazy Block self regulating. They are developped to hold the water they need for exact the optimum air-to-water ratio. The self regulating mechanism can only function when the Eazy Plug/Eazy Block can drain out excess water, so at all times make sure the Eazy Plug/Eazy Block can drain out excess water.


2. Moistened Eazy Plug/Eazy Block feel much heavier than Rockwool plugs and blocks, so do I need to squeeze them?


No, the Eazy Plug/Eazy Block are self regulating. They hold the water they need. By squeezing out the Eazy Plug/Eazy Block one will reduce the self regulating mechanism and the Eazy Plug/Eazy Block will become too dry or at least drier than necessary. Moistened Eazy Plug/Eazy Block are indeed much heavier than moistened Rockwool plugs and blocks as the organic components of the Eazy Plug/Eazy Block have a much stronger moisture absorption than the inert fibers of Rockwool. A Rockwool fiber itself has no moisture absorbing capacity, it only holds the water between the fibers. The water buffering capacity of the Eazy Plug/Eazy Block is big extra and brings down the risk of a dried out medium.


3. Do Eazy Plug/Eazy Block have the same quality as your organic plugs and blocks for the professional horticulture?


Yes, they do. The Eazy Plug/Eazy Block will take water back up amazingly fast, retaining all of their former characteristics. They again will have their pre-determined and buffered pH-level, EC-level and optimum air-to-water ratio. With the production of Eazy Plug/Eazy Block we use the same high quality raw materials, which are being processed in exactly the same way as the plugs for the professional horticulture. Only the best will do, no single compromise on quality. We have only added an additional prodcution feature by way of drying.


4. Why is there no plastic sleeve around the Eazy Block?


The Eazy Blocks are firmly bonded together, so there is no need for a plastic sleeve and the roots inside the blocks will have the full benefit of the “air pruning” effect. Air pruning happens naturally when roots are exposed to air in the absence of high humidity. The roots are effectively burned off, causing the plant to constantly produce new and healthy branching roots. The result of the air pruning effect is an immense dense and highly branched root structure inside the Eazy Block, allowing a plant a much more efficient uptake of water and nutrients while increasing growth and overall plant health. Making use of a plastic sleeve (as with Rockwool blocks) results in roots emanating from the block, growing downwards between block and plastic sleeve, without any branched root structure.


5. I have a complete system based on Rockwool. Can I make use of the Eazy Plug/Eazy Block?


The Eazy Plug/Eazy Block material is compatible with any other medium. One could make use of the advantages of the Eazy Plug/Eazy Block, while working with your initial system. It is no problem using Eazy Plug/Eazy Block with Rockwool, coco, peat, regular potting soil, etc. Eazy Plug/Eazy Block can be used in all different types of hydroponic systems like drip systems, NFT systems, aeroponics, ebb and flow, water culture, wick systems or even soil based systems.


6. Organic plugs and their spongy-like competitors tend to have problems with molds. What about the Eazy Plug/Eazy Block?


Because the Eazy Plug/Eazy Block are being supplied dried, there is no chance at all molds can develop, even in the warmest environment. All moistened plugs have a risk on the occurance of mold which often increases as the temperature rises. It sounds strange, but the cleaner the plug, the easier it is for a simple mold to develop as there is no competition. The only solution is producing a dried medium, so a mold does not have the right environment to develop. This seems like a simple and logical solution, but producing an organic dried growing medium that takes water back up very fast while retaining all of the original charachteristics is a very difficult technical feature. It’s why theEazy Plug/Eazy Block are unique, as they are the only dried organic plugs and blocks worldwide.


7. Is there a difference between working with Eazy Plug and Rockwool plugs?


No, in general Eazy Plug/Eazy Block are treated the same as Rockwool plugs and blocks. Especially in the beginning (start up) there is no difference. After the development of roots, watering should be adjusted to the needs of the plant. Eazy Plug/Eazy Block are likely to need a little less watering moments as they can buffer the water better. With the water buffering capabilities of the Eazy Plug/Eazy Block and with their pre-determined pH-buffering, they can be kept dryer after the first root development in order to obtain a more compact growth of the plant. This method is only advised for the professional and is often being used in the professional horticulture. When applying this method, make sure the water buffer in the Eazy Plug/Eazy Block never becomes less than 20%. Underneath this 20% the plug and/or block is too dry, compromising on the growth rate of the plant. When correctly done the rate of development of the plant remains te same, but the distance between the internodes is shortened, resulting in a more compact growth of the plant. The result is a stronger plant, less susceptible to diseases and generating more yield.


8. Do I need to correct the pH level of the Eazy Plug/Eazy Block before starting off?


No, Eazy Plug/Eazy Block have a predetermined neutral pH level. They are ready-to-go. Because this predetermined pH level is also buffered, the Eazy Plug/Eazy Block are even capable of compensating pH-variations. This way the pH will remain more stable than with any other growing medium.


9. How do I make a cutting hole into the Eazy Plug?


There is no need to make a cutting hole as the Eazy Plug come ready-to-go with a cutting hole in the center of the plug. The cutting hole has the right size to be able to stick the cutting in quick and easy, while being tight enough to align the cutting needly to the Eazy Plug material for optimum rooting and little risk.


10. Why is the hole in the Eazy Block square instead of round as in Rock-wool blocks?


The Eazy Block is being produced in moulds and can have any shape we like, in contrast to Rock-wool. There is no growth technical explanation or necessity to produce a round hole for a square plug. In Rock-wool it is developed that way because of technical limitations and/or production optimizations. Growth technically a needly fitting plug is more effective and makes better use of the growing medium and the fertilisation. Airiness has not been a consideration for non-fitting, especially not with the optimized air-to-water ratio of the Eazy Plug and Eazy Block. It is just a matter of making use of a production process which offers complete freedom in producing a shape.


11. What are the advantages of Eazy Plug/Eazy Block in comparison with Rockwool?


  • easier in handling
  • faster and more vigorous root growing
  • stronger and better functioning earth roots instead of water roots
  • virtually no failures in germination and rooting
  • less dependable on system failures and know-how, due to all buffering capabilities
  • air pruning effect to optimize rooting inside the block
  • better tasting yield
  • organic and sustainable
  • less watering moments cuttings, seedlings and plants stay well longer when not connected onto the hydro system
  • manageability to a compacter and stronger plant that will generate more yield
  • easy to get rid of after cultivation
  • compostable



The Eazy Plug System is a natural and sustainable, breakthrough growth solution for propagating and growing all of your plants.

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